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Body Guard Services

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In today's world, it seems all too often that criminal acts threaten our daily lives and landscape. Although the idea of a Body Guard was usually thought of as something reserved for celebrities and political figures, more frequently Body Guards are being employed by citizens from all walks of life.

You don't have to be rich and famous to have a Body Guard, you might not even need one on a daily basis. A Body Guard can provide services to anyone, we've protected international music artists, company CEO's, the wealthy, the elderly, men, women and children.

We have protected people from many kinds of dangers including assault, assassination, kidnapping, loss of valuables or confidential information, and many other kinds of threats.

We have also doubled as drivers and have an extensive knowledge of the areas we cover, which enables us to navigate a clear and effective route of escape in case of emergency. We areprepared to use evasive driving techniques and we are alert and aware to the presence of any suspicious vehicles.

A thorough analaysis of your risk factor, potential threats, and many other details are taken into consideration to assess the threats facing you.

Our extensive background in private investigation, fugitive recovery, and dective work is used to help screen out potential risk factors in virtually any situation imaginable. For example, if you are scheduled to appear at a premesis or a venue, that premisis or venue is visited prior to your arrival where potential security weaknesses are noted, the entire staff on hand for the event can be screened or interviewed, and of course, the entrances, exits, and other architectural aspects of the premises are closely examined for potential problems.

Well versed in fugitive recovery, our founder has established a tight relationship with the local police force and other private security forces. Our interpersonal and communications skills enable us to collaborate or coordinate your protection with these additional forces if and when the need arises. We have been exposed to the many dangers the criminal element comprises, yet we remain calm under pressure, making quick, sound judgements to further ensure your safety.

Our services are available on a part-time or full-time basis in the State of Florida, particularly around the Tampa/Clearwater area and in Hillsborough or Pinellas County. We also have a nationwide network of partners to accommodate other regions. Restrictions may apply depending on the state.

* We've performed security services from large Corporations to smaller, Private Firms.

* We've Provided private security for members of Aerosmith, Third Eye Blind, Melissa Ethridge, game show host Pat Sajak, the Columbian Ambassador, the founder of Home Depot and many others.

* We are well trained in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, tae-kwon do, boxing and more.

* We have an extensive knowledge of Private Investigation, Detective Work, Fugitive Recovery, Self-Defense, and Survival.

* We have supervised and managed many teams of multiple security officials providing a wide range of security services to a variety of clients.

Consultations are free, contact us for more information.

Legal Disclaimer:

We are licensed to and currently provide Body Guard services in the State of Florida and are partnered with other firms who are licensed to provide these services across the United States.