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How to become a Bounty Hunter or Fugitive Recovery Agent

So do you want to learn how to become a Bounty Hunter or Fugitive Recovery Agent?

You've come to the right place. Built off the experience of Professional Bail Bondsmen and Limited Surety Agents for Hire with well known reputations for capturing over 99% of all Bond Skips ever assigned to them, Bounty Hunter For Hire was created to provide a resource for training and education and information for those either in or looking to get into the industry.

Over the past decade, our team of agents have captured hundreds of fugitives in multiple states and resolved several million dollars worth of bond skips. They are recognized as some of the top fugitive recovery experts in the industry.

Now you can gain access to our exclusive skills!

Get the fugitive recovery agent training and education you need to beat out the competition in this lucrative job market!

As the economy continues to suffer, one of the unfortunate results is a rise in crime. With the rise in crime comes an increase in arrests, resulting in more Bail Bonds, and more Bond Skips, which equals an abundance of work. The increased need for Fugitive Recovery agents makes this one of the hottest job markets to get into.

Now is your opportunity to learn fugitive recovery from one of the very best in the industry!

- Get exclusive fugitive recovery information that's worth $1000's of dollars in your pocket
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- Assistance with fugitive recovery licensing, education, training and more!

We currently have the following options avaialble for those interested in pursuing a career in Fugitive Recovery:

Visit our fugitive recovery blog / journal featuring capture videos, capture stories, fugitive recovery tips, tricks & information, training videos related to fugitive recovery, and other information on bounty hunting and the bail bonding industry. You can subscribe to our feed for free and get new information on a regular basis.

Visit our "Additional Information on How to Become a Fugitive Recovery Agent" section at the bottom of this page for additional information on the history of bail and bail laws, directory of state laws for bounty hunting, general requirements for bounty hunting and fugitive recovery and more.

We also have a few fugitive recovery career quick start programs available for those who just want to go straight to licensing:

InformationHow to Become a Fugitive Recovery Agent in Your State: Become a fugitive recovery agent in your state

Find out exactly how to become a licensed bail agent in your state. We provide you with all the necessary information you need to begin. Learn if there's any special training or educational requirements before you sign up for classes you may not need.

Just $49.95 and you will save yourself hours of time pouring through mountains of conflicting and outdated information on the web and get on the fast track to starting your career.

After checkout, we will email you the information. We also include application forms and other attachments when available.

*Not available for Kentucky, Illinois, Oregon or Wisconsin.

InformationAdvanced Fugitive Recovery Techniques: Learn Advanced Fugitive Recovery Techniques

This exclusive consultation provides tips and tricks from seasoned professionals that will give you a huge advantage in apprehending fugitives. Learn new methods and techniques covering safety, smarter tracking, and excellent real-life examples of how to apply the info to every situation you encounter.

Just $99.95

After payment confirmation & contact information is received via PayPal, one of our agents will contact you to begin the process.

*Not available for Kentucky, Illinois, Oregon or Wisconsin.

Additional Information on How to Become a Fugitive Recovery Agent:

This section of the website is intented to cover additional aspects of becoming a successful Bounty Hunter, Bail Enforcement or Fugitive Recovery Agent and Bail Bondsman.

* If you want to learn some tricks of the trade and learn different Fugitive Recovery techniques, then you might want to skip right to the Captures journal and read some of the stories there! Be sure to leave your questions or comments, I will answer them.

Introduction to the Bail Enforcement Industry:

What is Bail and How Does the Bail System Work?

The History of Bail and Bail Laws

A Detailed History of How Bail Works and How Bail Originated

The History of Bounty Hunting

A Brief Outline of General Requirements for Bounty Hunting and Fugitive Recovery

State Law Reference:

Directory of State Laws regarding Bail Enforcement, Bounty Hunting, Fugitive Recovery and License Requirements by State

A Compendium of Bounty Hunter Laws by State

A Summary of State Laws Specific to Bounty Hunters

Bail - Right of Surety to Pursue Principal Who Has Fled

Education, Schools and Training:

Let us take the guesswork out of how to get your training, education and licensing. Our programs are designed to get you fast results with minimal effort at an affordable price. If you're looking to become a bounty hunter or fugitive recovery agent, the easiest way is to sign up for one of our one-on-one consultations to receive your training and education information fast.

Legal Disclaimer:

* Cases are taken on an individual basis based on initial consultation, and services are not available whenever certain restrictions apply.

* We currently do not provide Private Investigation, Skip Tracing, or Investigative Work in the State of Florida. We can only assist you with your Florida Bond Skips if you know the location where the fugitive needs apprehended from.

* All subjects and captures are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

* It is Illegal in the State of Florida to call yourself a Bounty Hunter or Fugitive Recovery Agent - the proper term would be a Bail Surety or Bail Enforcement Agent.