Bounty Hunter For Hire

A Brief Outline of General Requirements for Becoming a Fugitive Recovery Agent

* This information is provided as a reference only and should not be considered legal advice, and may or may not be accurate as laws change regularly. For best results, consult with one of our agents by clicking HERE to learn How to Become a Bail Enforcement Agent in your state.

A lot of people ask me how to become a Bounty Hunter. I can tell you right now it's not as easy as you might think. There are plenty of general requirements which vary by state and are constantly changing.

There are also the technological, saftey, mental and physical requirements as well. Let's not forget the financial requirements needed to maintain all of the other requirements.

This is in no way intended to be misused as legal advice, these are simply guidelines, not all are requirements, but everything mentioned should be considered a requirement if you wish to excel.

Mental Requirements for Bounty Hunting

Let's start with the mental requirements. You need to be strong willed, intelligent, not addicted to anything, quick thinking, street smart, good at communicating, good at business, organized, have a good memory, and be able to detect when people are lying by reading them and their body language.

If you're thinking great, I'm ready mentally, think again. Remember, you will be going after people who are wanted for murder charges, people who are known to carry weapons, people who have used them before - people who are fugitives because they do not want to go to jail for 10+ years. You stand in their way of freedom and they will do anything they can to get past you.

This is not television, seriously think about the dangers, your life, where you want to be someday - there's much more to Bounty Hunting than you may realize, so think long and hard if this is the road you want to head down. Your life depends on it.

Physical Requirements for Bounty Hunting

Physically, you not only need to be in shape, you need to have a physique that is large and intimidating. You need to have a loud and commanding voice. You should possess a black belt or several black belts in karate, and have private self-defense instruction several times a week. You need to have a gym membership as well as a personal trainer to work with you there.

The more physically in shape you are, the better you'll be able to run down your fugitive - and run you will. Remember, they will do anything to avoid being caught - fugitives jumping through 2 story windows and swimming through alligator infested waters happens more than you think.

Technological Requirements

You definitely need a Cellular Phone, and you should have it programmed to all of the local police and the hundreds of other important numbers you'll need to help you during your investigations and throughout the fugitive recovery process.

You will also need a computer, preferably a laptop, with a broadband and wireless internet connection - broadband is through the cellular phone laptop connect cards and should work mostly anywhere a cellular phone works. Wireless internet works almost as well, but there is a lot less coverage. Have both, you need to stay connected - you need access to criminal records, databases for private investigation work, private investigation software and more.

Safety & Protection Requirements

You should have a tazer or some sort of stun gun, handcuffs, a flashlight, bullet-proof vest and helmet and any other similar gear you can afford to put together.

Clothing Requirements

Clothing Requirements may or may not be applicable in your state. If no uniform is required, then the choice may be yours. It can be beneficial to go in with full uniform because it creates a sense of authority, however, it also blows your cover if you are trying to catch your fugitive by surprise. Each hunt will require considering what kind of attire to wear, again, depending on state laws.

Education Requirements

You should spend a considerable amount of time in the local library reading about bail law to inform yourself of the laws regarding bail investigation. These laws may very from state to state.

You should also take a course in Bounty Hunting, many states require them.

Licensing Requirements

Most states require licensing, and requirements for getting licensed.

All states vary in their licensing requirements. In the state of Florida, you must attend a one month licensing class, then complete a one year internship with a bondsman before you receive your license.

Also, four states do not have bailbondsman.. Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, and Wisconsin. Check your local laws .. unlicensed and freelance bountyhunting is illegal in most states!

Financial Requirements

Last, but certainly not least, you will need to be able to afford the classes, licensing requirements, a cellular phone, internet connection, access to private investigation software and databases - often a monthly fee or pay per use.

You will also need to afford a good running vehicle that is properly registered, insured and maintained. You'll be spending a lot of money on gas running back and forth to the jail and while you're out hunting.

Don't forget about the personal trainer, gym membership, and private self-defense and karate instruction you should do if you're going to be in any kind of shape physically to handle the demands of the job.

* This information is provided as a reference only and should not be considered legal advice, and may or may not be accurate as laws change regularly. For best results, consult with one of our agents by clicking HERE to learn How to Become a Bail Enforcement Agent in your state.